Monday, March 9, 2009

Slowly, but surely

I got back from Kovalam beach Friday night. It was so much fun and I took a lot of pictures. I spent most of my time on the beach, so I am now peeling from the sunburn I got…but I also managed to make time to eat at some really great Indian restaurants, climb the lighthouse at the beach, and of course shop for souvenirs. It was really nice to have a break and not have to think about all the things I have to get done before the mini-Bible school starts at the Children’s Home. Riding the train wasn’t as difficult as I expected, though it is pretty cramped onboard and it doesn’t wait at the station long so it’s easy to miss your train if you’re not paying attention. That also makes it difficult to get onboard because everyone is shoving each other into the doorway.

I moved to the Children’s Home on Saturday morning. I’m staying in a small guest room on the top floor (the girl’s floor). It’s not too bad, but there is no shower head, so I’ve had to learn to use the bucket like a normal Indian person. The kids are also really noisy so I haven’t been getting much sleep. It doesn’t help that they have a prayer meeting at 5:30am every morning, so they ring the bell to wake everyone up at 5am. But being at the Children’s Home is a lot more fun than being at the seminary all alone! Plus, I get to spend more time with the kids and they’re pretty happy about that.

I leave on Thursday to take a 2 day train ride to Delhi, where I’ll meet my parents when they fly in on Sunday morning. I should arrive around noon on Saturday. After my parents arrive (and hopefully get over their jet-lag) we’ll be touring Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. I’m really excited about getting to see another part of India. We’ll fly back here on March 20th and then the mini-Bible school will start on the 23rd. The kids have all been talking about it so I know they’ll have a great time. So that leaves me with 3 days to get everything done! I probably won’t be able to update within the next few days, but I am taking my computer to Delhi. I am hoping to find an internet connection somewhere and if I do, I’ll be able to update when I’m there!

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